At Interface Climbing, we are absolutely committed to providing the finest quality products and services.

Our objective is 100% customer satisfaction, and zero returns.

In the unlikely event that you do need to return a product purchased from us, the following guidance forms our refunds and returns policy.

We encourage all our customers read this carefully, before making a purchase, since returning many of our products is more involved than sending back a shirt that doesn’t fit!

What's the process?

In the unlikely even that you need to return your order, this process will be followed for all our products.

There are several steps, which can take a few weeks to complete, especially on complex products such as walls.

  1. Let us know – by email and within 14 days of delivery – that you plan to return your order
  2. Re-package your products ready for return
  3. We will either arrange for collection from you, or give you instructions on how to return
  4. Once your order is back at our factory we will complete a full inspection
  5. We will confirm what level of refund is due based on the condition of the products
  6. We will process the refund via the original payment method used on our store

Please note, we will only accept the return of a product where it remains in a condition that is suitable for re-sale.

Can I return a wall?

Our Ground-Up walls are not considered to be ‘bespoke goods’ under consumer law and, as such, you are entitled to return your wall within 14 days of delivery.

That said, we offer a very large number of variants of wall, so we can give every climber exactly what they want. This means that we make each and every wall to order, specifically for you, and in your exact combination of angle, width, height, bolt pattern etc.

So, we are very keen to ensure that you receive exactly what you want, in perfect condition, so that there is no need to return it to us.

We strongly recommend that you measure-up for your wall at least twice to ensure it will fit, before making your purchase! If you need any extra dimensions, or would like us to check anything, then we are more than happy to help.

How do I package the wall?

Your wall is delivered in several large boxes, closed with strapping bands. Once these are opened, returning your wall gets a lot more difficult.

It is essential that all packaging is kept, and your wall re-packaged exactly as it was for delivery. How all the parts fit in the boxes is a 3D puzzle, so if you can’t remember, please ask and we can provide guidance.

It is especially important that the main face panels are packaged with the T-nuts facing each other, or the cardboard, otherwise they will damage the climbing wall face.

Closing the boxes is ideally done with a banding machine, which of course most people don’t have. Therefore, please ensure they are taped with strong tape, in all places where they were banded on delivery, as tight as possible.

How much will I be refunded?

If you cancel your order prior to dispatch, you will receive a 100% refund.

After this point, we will deduct from the refund value a fair and reasonable amount not exceeding the decrease in value of the product caused by your ownership.

We assess each returned product carefully, part by part, to check its condition and establish the refund value.

In the case of our Ground-Up walls, unpacking the boxes and assembling your wall both decrease the value, even if you are extremely careful.

The table gives you an indication of the type of damage and proportion we will reduce your refund by.

Excellent Condition

  • Un-opened and original packaging not damaged
  • No damage caused either by transit, or due to storage
  • Perfect condition and ready for re-sale

Good Condition

  • Un-packaged but not assembled, used or climbed
  • Only requires inspection and re-packaging
  • Fit for re-sale as-new once re-packed

Fair Condition

  • Wall has been assembled, holds set on wall
  • Easily removed cosmetic marks to components
  • Requires a quick sand for re-sale

Poor Condition

  • Wall has been assembled, holds chalked or rubbered
  • Components scratched, damaged or missing
  • Requires repair prior to re-sale

How is return shipping managed, and who pays?

Return shipping must always be completed by the method we specify.

We will either arrange a collection from you, or provide instructions on how you should ship the products to us.

It’s important to note, where we arrange for it, we charge for return shipping.

In the case of holds and small products, this will be a similar cost to the shipping charge on your original order.

In the case of our walls, once un-packed return shipping by courier is unlikely to be possible, unless perfectly re-packaged and boxes re-strapped.

We therefore may need to use a dedicated courier, which can be quite a significant cost depending on the distance from our factory. For example, London costs are approximately £150, further afield may be as much as £500.

Where we arrange for a collection, if you are not available and an abortive collection attempt is made, we will also charge for this in addition to a subsequent successful collection.

And what if I've got further questions?

Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any doubts prior to making your purchase.

We are real people, and really care about ensuring you get the right product for your space, and climbing.

Fortunately, we very rarely have products returned to us, and would much rather help you get this right, than have to work through a return with you, especially on walls.

Rest assured, if you need to return your product, we will help you through the process, all the way.

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