Bridging the gap between our self assembly Ground-Up wall products and fully bespoke options, our Modular walls offer more, for less

Your home gym: a step beyond the board

Our modular system is a highly configurable and adaptable platform for creative home wall setups, yet more affordable than a truly bespoke wall.

We’ll tailor your wall to your individual preferences and space, selecting from a wide range of elements which when combined, form your modular gym. If you have particular training objectives in mind, a family after shared exercise space, or you are simply looking for an expanded or diversified board room, we can take you there.

Due to the unlimited number of possibilities that can be created with this system, it is not available on our web-store. Instead, please reach out to our team to book your consultation and start your journey to an enviable home gym setup.

Going wide-screen

This system provides the answer to one of our most frequently asked questions: Can you put more than one wall next to each other?

Yes, you can, as many as you would like!

Multiple options exist for angle, width, height, bolt pattern, multiple board angles etc.

As with all our modular setups, these are only available with our installation service, during which our team will connect the wall to your walls, floor and/or ceiling. If you need something free-standing, then we have options for that too…

The board room

With an enviable board room at home like this you can be sure of company!

All our modular setups are freely configurable in angle, width and height. Link-up modules allow for a range of combinations either in-line, or on multiple sides of your room.

Having a range of angles, here including vert, 25 and 40 degree boards, offers both great progression through the warm-up, diverse terrain when training for a specific project, or just a range of accessibility options to cater for all the family.

Your school room

Yes, it’s true, not every climber has access to the School Room, nor do we all live in Sheffield! But fear not fellow climbers, with our modular system we can create your very own cave-like house of pain.

This example setup provides incredible spatial economy, whilst delivering a varied climbing experience. It’s also possible to integrate hang-boards, campus boards and calisthenics stations for those looking for the full gym experience.

Unique to this layout is the added benefit of being deliverable in a free-standing package to suit rented accommodation and allow re-location flexibility.

A-Frame training powerhouse

This A-frame option is arguably the most efficient and effective training tool you could ask for!

The fully freestanding arrangement enables maximum climbing area, within minimum footprint, and offers scope for integration of hangboarding, calisthenics etc.

A complete facility for your full home training session – warm-up and train endurance 25degree board, then climb limit boulders on the 40, with strength and conditioning thrown-in.

Or if your climbing is more family focused, share the space with your nearest and dearest, with the two angles set to cater for all.

The arrangement shown here incorporates a mini moonboard layout 40 wall, opposite a 25 degree wall. A compact setup you can fit in many garages. It can also be configured with other heights, widths etc to suit your space and climbing.

Freestanding corner combo

Another configuration that offers a freestanding and flexible climbing space, in a cosy self contained corner layout.

Possible additions to this setup include vertical wall area, roof sections, even a third angled wall.

As with all our modular setups these are adaptable and expandable at any point.

Contact us now, and we will guide you through the journey to your own enviable home climbing gym!

Looking for a home wall beyond the board?