complete self assembly kit for home climbing with 40 degree 8ft wide wall, holds and mat

Our 2.4m or 8ft wide 40 board, the largest of the Ground-Up wall range, is the go-to option for those looking to train and climb hard.

Choose from 3 heights up to 2.6m, and with an LED mini-moonboard compatible bolt pattern at 2.25m.

From: £2,695 inc VAT

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The 1.8m or 6ft Midi 40 degree Ground-Up home wall is more compact than the 40W, but still available in 3 heights, giving you maximum moves in minimal space.

Sweet talk your partner, and your you’ll be bouldering in your bedroom before you know it!

From: £2,225 inc VAT

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complete self assembly kit for home climbing with 40 degree 4ft wide wall, holds and mat

Our 1.2m or 4ft Narrow 40 Ground-Up wall is a compact but powerful package for training when pushed for space.

An homage to the Splinter climbing film, this is a great homewall for the hardcore!

From: £1,445 inc VAT

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complete self assembly kit for home climbing with 25 degree 8ft wide wall, holds and mat

The 25W model of the freestanding Ground-Up wall range is the versatile all-rounder, at a mellower overhang angle of 25 degrees.

Want to enjoy climbing with the family, train endurance, set problems, this wall will do it all!

From: £2,395 inc VAT

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The Midi version of the 25 degree Ground-Up wall is easily accommodated in most homes, with similar footprint to a 3 seater sofa.

The freestanding, flat-pack design makes it a quick an easy swap-out!

From: £2,225 inc VAT

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complete self assembly kit for home climbing with 25 degree 4ft wide wall, holds and mat

Our most compact wall, the 25N offers real climbing terrain in minimal space and is popular with those in inner-city flats.

If you want for more than just a hangboard, then this is the home climbing wall for you.

From: £1,445 inc VAT

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Your home, your home climbing wall.A wall for all!

The Ground-Up wall has been making climbers’ homewall dreams come true since 2020.

Wherever you live – urban flat or remote outpost…

Whatever space you’ve got – bedroom, garage or shed – big or small…

Whether you own or rent – or have to move all the time…

And if you are a world class athlete or looking to entertain the kids…

There is a Ground-Up wall configuration for you!

The Ground-Up wall range

We’ve gone to town with the Ground-Up wall range so that you can make the most of whatever space you have available.

  • 2 angles (25 & 40 degree)
  • 3 heights (2.25, 2.35 & 2.6m)
  • 3 widths (1.2, 1.8 & 2.4m)
  • Bouldering mat for all sizes

For hardcore training, the 40 degree board angle has long been the gold standard.

For those looking for a more accessible or inclusive experience, suitable for all the family, or more suitable to endurance training, the 25 degree option is ideal. Slightly steeper than a standard 15 degree circuit board to give slightly more face length within limited ceiling heights.

Close-up showing detailed instructions and tools required for self assembly of the home climbing wall

Easily assembled, by anyone, anywhere

It’s true, our Ground-Up walls really can be assembled by anyone, anywhere.

Designed to require no DIY knowledge, skills, experience or tools – the hex keys required for assembly are included.

The simple, step by step instructions will guide you through the assembly process easily & smoothly.

Typically the build won’t take more than a few hours, although it can be even less – the record is just 1hr 17mins for our largest model!

Made-to-measure bouldering mats

Our premium quality, UK-made bouldering mats are available to suit all models of our Ground-Up wall system.

Extensive testing led to the compact, dual density foam core that allows for a soft landing when taking those inevitable falls!

The folding design allows compact storage, whilst avoiding the risks of gaps when using multiple separate standard boulder pads.

Covered in heavy duty fabric that’s both durable & tactile – tough enough to be rocking out in the garage, yet equally well suited to you living room.

Available to purchased individually here to suit your existing wall, or with 10% discount as part of your Ground-Up wall system.

Unrivalled quality & unquestionably sustainable

From engineering to production, our UK team takes care of the entire process in-house. In this way we are able to maintain the highest quality standards.

Our aim is 100% satisfaction – a delighted family of Interface climbers – our commitment to quality of both our product & service is how we deliver.

Our walls & holds are produced from the finest birch plywood. We take great care to ensure this is sourced sustainably with full FSC or PEFC certification.

Not only is this locking in carbon within your wall, but providing very high strength along with a beautiful look & feel.

rear of wall showing simple assembly bracing structure formed of cnc cut parts

Delivered to your door

Yup, it’s as easy as ordering a pizza!

Select your model and configure your wall – choose the height & bolt pattern.

Choose your holds to suit your climbing – we’ve included helpful descriptions along the way.

And then select your accessories – bouldering mat etc.

We will then make fresh to order, and not long after, your dream will arrive in several large boxes.

Join the Interface family with your homewall now!

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