selection of bolt on plywood grips suitable for advanced climbers

Strata - our hardest set - recommended for the strongest of climbers!

Within the 28 holds are 16 crimps, 4 pinches, 6 Slopers & 2 Pockets.

£395 inc VAT

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selection of bolt on plywood grips for home climbing gyms suitable for a wide range of abilities

Roots - a versatile set of holds for setting in the mid grade range at any angle.

Within the 32 holds is loads of variety, including board classics & some more organic shapes.

£545 inc VAT

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The Talus hold set are comfy in-cut crimps in a range of shapes.

These 16 holds are accessible at 25 degrees, but fairly hard at 40.

£225 inc VAT

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assorted bolt on woody wood footholds showing a range of sizes and countersunk M10 fixing bolts

Premium Birch Ply Foot-holds in graduated sizes to cater for everyone

From a tiny edge up to a comfy pebble – one to suit all your family

£100£130 inc VAT

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Spirit set is the 'juggiest' line of holds we offer making 25 and 40 degrees accessible to all.

These 18 holds are great for warming up, circuits on even the steepest of walls, and kids alike.

£445 inc VAT

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selection of bolt on wood grips for home climbing gyms suitable for warming up and beginners

At the ‘juggier’ end of the spectrum Flow set is great for warming up and circuits

These 18 holds are easy at 25 and will make 40 accessible to most.

£395 inc VAT

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Premium Birch Ply Foot-holds with edges large and small

Our more positive footholds - similar in size to 28mm pebbles but with two positive edges of different sizes

£130 inc VAT

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Beautiful holds for your homewall

Interface greenholds are exquisite climbing holds suitable for use on any board or wall, with sets to suit all abilities.

The wide range of shapes & geometry have been carefully formed to be comfortable & kind to the body.

The birch plywood material & slight textured finish provide a great balance of friction & kindness to the skin.

Extensively tested through hours of development & climbing by the interface team, there is a setup for everyone, from the cruiser to the absolute crusher!

Read on to build your board set.

The Greenhold range

Unlike most wooden climbing holds, our greenholds are not just the domain of the elite training crew!

We’ve shaped grips and curated sets to span a full range of abilities, from absolute beginners & kids, through to world class athletes.

With your selection you can tailor your board to suit your climbing, combine sets so you can climb from VB to V7+ on the same wall, or focus on your specific training goals.

Most sets include a wide range of shapes, including crimps, pinches, pockets, and slopers.

Use this range guide & set-by-set descriptions below to set your board!

Shaped by machine & climber

All our holds are initially carved by hand, drawing on decades of climbing experience.

We then use the latest digital technologies of 3D scanning, CAD/CAM & CNC machining to replicate these shapes, with each & every hold being finished by hand.

The perfect harmony of climber & machine!

  • Sustainable birch plywood
  • Steel fixing inserts for durability
  • M10 bolts & screws included
  • Hand holds - 8mm hex for setting
  • Footholds - 6mm hex for setting
  • Optional anti-rotation screws - PZ2

Explore the sets!

Spirit is our most friendly set; these 18 holds are all comfy and positive jugs.

We recommend that every board includes a set for warming up, longer endurance circuits or larger moves.

They are also great for unlocking your board for the family – kids and partners alike.

Great for problems in the VB to V2 range at 25 degrees, or V0 to V3 on a 40 board.

At the ‘juggier’ end of the spectrum, our Flow set is great for warming up, climbing laps on circuits, and being powerful on bigger moves.

This set of 18 holds includes positive in-cut jugs, larger and less positive pinches, big edges, and a big pocket.

At 40 degrees these holds are good for V1 to V3 range, or V0 to V2 at 25 degrees.

A couple of sets are also great for a kids wall, where the harder holds make large & friendly footholds, even fine in bare feet!

The set where greenhold started – our first set – this is our Roots set.

Within the 32 holds is loads of variety including concave and convex in-cut crimps of different edge sizes, parallel & tapering pinches, some rounded broader pinches, along with a pair of pockets.

This set is shaped to offer incredible versatility & value, with many of the holds providing varying positivity when switched from left to right, or with rotation. A mixture of board classics and some more funky shapes.

We recommend a set of these for all boards except those specifically aimed at young children.

Ideal for problems of V2 to V5 at 25 degrees, or V3 to V7 on a 40 board.

The Talus hold set is made up of 16 comfy in-cut crimps.

The range of shapes includes straight-ish, concave & convex main edges, complimented by varying profiles to allow for more, or less, benefit from the thumb.

Being symmetrical in design, but provided in symmetrical pairs, great setting flexibility is offered relative to traditional less organic board holds.

A set that is hard for most mortals, we suggest Talus for problems of V4+ at 25, and V5+ on a 40.

Strata – the make up of geology – with this set things start to get rock hard!

This set presents a formidable challenge to anyone less than the strongest climber.

Includes 16 crimps of two outline designs, with varying edges of graduated difficulty. The arrowhead-shaped holds feature a shallow dish and three increasingly-sloping flat edges. The linear bars push the finger tips away from the wall forming a range of really edgy crimps with one end more positive for the thumb.

In addition, 4 pinches of two widths, 6 slopers of varying desperation, and 2 pockets conclude this set.

We suggest V5+ on a 25 degree wall, and V7+ at 40 degrees.

Footholds, since we always recommend feet on footholds only!

20 woody board plywood footholds with dimensioned side profile of 10mm

We’ve designed these footholds to put you in control of your wall and allow a wide range of difficulty without the need for complexity.

Climbing the same problem or circuit on a smaller foothold can be as good as an angle changing wall, at a fraction of the cost.

We’ve designed these holds with different profiles top and bottom, so each foothold offers two different levels of positivity, simply by spinning it upside down.

They are available in four different thicknesses that cater for everything from the cruiser to the crusher.

Our recommendation is to run a combination of something you find easy, and something fairly hard – a good starting point is 10 & 22mm at 25 degrees, or 16 & 28mm at 40 degrees.

The natural birch plywood finish develops a polish fairly quickly, which especially on the smaller sizes calls for some super precise footwork.

Our cobble footholds are the most positive of the feet-specific options in the greenhold range.

Similar to the 28mm pebbles in thickness, and slightly larger in overall size, the cobbles feature two different sizes of subtly in-cut edges.

A great addition to a wall at either 25 or 40 degrees when you are either looking to make it more accessible to a partner, your kids, or when progressing to some of the less positive hand holds.

Set your board with greenholds now!