A bespoke wall from Interface is just that - a dream wall for you or your clients - made to your spec and our exacting standards

Female climber on well set bouldering bloc with large blue holds and volumes

From grandkids to world class athletes

Climbing is fundamental to the human race. Not a construct of modern engineering, like the bicycle or skateboard, but an integral part of our identify as a species. It’s almost certain we could climb before we could walk.

It therefore comes as no surprise that irrespective of your age or aspirations, that climbing is an enjoyable, rewarding and health-promoting activity.

For those of us blessed with the opportunity to integrate climbing terrain with our homes, the benefits are widespread to both body and mind.

Architectural & interior design integration

Be it a focal point in the atrium or part of your basement gym, seamless integration is key to achieving optimal results. This can mean any number of things, from harmonious structural design, to matched wood veneer finishes, but all a result of hundreds of decisions in the design process.

We believe that investing in good design always pays dividends.

To this end, we work extensively within project teams of all sizes, and at all stages of your project, to deliver elegantly detailed and robustly co-ordinated solutions.

Whether it’s for your new build eco-home, basement-dig refurb, or addition to your pool-house, bringing the Interface team on board will deliver results that delight and will doubtless be the talking point at many a dinner party.

Quality & peace of mind

For more than a decade, we’ve been delivering exceptional quality action sports facilities throughout the UK.

With all that experience under our belt, you can sleep easy knowing you are in the safe hands of a team that gets quality and demands the best of everything.

It is for this reason that we take care of (almost) everything in-house, from concept, through detailed design, manufacture and installation. To achieve this, we’ve invested heavily in industry-leading tools, both physical and digital, along with our dedicated team. The specialist processes we entrust to others remain within the UK, with a limited number of proven suppliers, and always under our watchful eye.

A truly bespoke service

Whether an addition to your own property, or on behalf of your clients, our experience in developing and delivering stand-out one-off features means that you can be sure of a personal service.

We listen to and guide our clients through every stage of the process, whilst we develop and then realise the facilities and features others can only dream of.

If you or your clients are looking to bring climbing into their home and lives, then you can be sure of an expert and discerning experience working with the team at Interface.

Let's create something exceptional