Interface Climbing is your lifelong wall subscription.

It will fit your world, big or small. It’ll move house with you, go on holiday with you, or be there for you at the office.

It’s your secret weapon for endurance, strength, technique, & enjoyment.

It’s your way to climb, at any time, on your terms, whatever the weather.

It’s as much for your mind & body, as it is your soul.

It’s not instead of the indoor wall, gym or the crag, but alongside and inside those places too.

It’s a new addition to your Climbing Way of life.

climbing wall pictured at end of garden in summer house with climber on a circuit problem

Interface is the latest creation by Cambian Action Sports, one of the worlds leading designers and builders of action sports facilities.

For more than a decade, our tireless pursuit of creativity has resulted in some incredible spaces, and brought great joy to people throughout the UK.

Now, from our HQ in the depths of rural South East England, we are bringing the experience to you.

From hand sculpting, to 3D scanning, from design and machining, to thorough testing, our small team aim to create and share enjoyment.

Our aim is that every aspect of your Interface product should be a joy, and that joy, the joy of climbing, be experienced by all.

Overview of Chimera bouldering centre showing custom campus board, finger board and peg-board freestanding unit with climbers

As a species, humans learn to climb, before we can crawl let alone walk or talk. We are born with the instinct to grip onto our mothers for dear life. It is amongst the most fundamental aspects of being human. Yet as we have developed, climbing is no longer a requirement for existence, but something we choose to do.


Because climbing is fulfilling, rewarding, healthy, challenging, creative, inspirational. Above all, Climbing is fun, we enjoy it.

What makes climbing fun comes in lots of different forms. Some like to climb the hardest moves possible, some enjoy the adventure, the solitude, the team work, the movement, the focus, the freedom. But the common thing is that we all love to climb.

And that is what Interface is all about, it is climbing for you.

Female climber on well set bouldering bloc with large blue holds and volumes

Caring for our world is at the heart of every Interface product.

Every wall locks in carbon to its sustainably sourced birch plywood core. Every hold does the same, and is one step towards a world without plastic. Every mat is made from the finest quality materials to last a lifetime. Every manufacturing process is optimised for minimum waste of every kind. Every bit of packaging is recycled and recyclable. Every wall will last a lifetime, and we are committed to helping you keep them alive. If you are upscaling, every wall will always serve someone else in the same way it has you, so it shouldn’t need to be thrown away. But if it is, the fixings can be melted down and the wall and holds composted or used as biomass fuel.

The circular economy is a way of life which we strive towards, and being part of the Interface family is a way of saying the same.

We are all in this world together.

climbing wall pictured in leafy garden with climber sitting on mat putting on shoes

The interface team, the life blood behind our products.

A creative and active crew, we have all spent years enjoying a wide range of adventurous pastimes.

Of course, climbing has been a big part of that, but being part of the interface team is so much more.

Everyone brings a unique set of skills to the party, be that in design, manufacturing or just suffering!

Our collective skills and passion are what continues to push us into new territory.

We work together, climb together and create together.

We hope you love our work!

CNC routing of wooden parts for climbing wall kit from birch plywood

We embrace the latest physical and digital technologies to bring you Interface’s unique product range.

We believe in this ultimate harmony of man and machine we deliver what would be impossible in the traditional sense of a handmade product.

We pour passion into the product and the process, we obsess about the detail, we test, we refine and repeat.

The results are then replicated time and time again, by our trusty technology, under our watchful eye.

Each and every time an Interface product leaves our doors, it takes with it the same passion we put into creating the very first one.

No one can achieve their on his own, luckily everyone can benefit.

coloured plot showing FEA stress analysis of free standing wall structure

After more than a decade of Cambian Action Sports crafting with man and machine some of the most creative skateparks and climbing centres in the world, the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Clearly a disaster for mankind, but also a savage blow to climbing, climbers and the climbing industry.

Like many, we needed to climb, and, like some, we made our own wall. Like no other, we wanted to share this gift and were able to do so.

Interface was born!

The ability to climb, at home, for all.

The lifeline for our business so we can continue to develop the worlds best centres once humanity has won this battle.

In around 1995 a young (about 12!) enthusiastic climber called Piers purchased some t-nuts.

Plans were ambitious, his first home wall, an angle changing top-rope setup on the end of his parent’s house.

Unsurprisingly, this project never got off the ground, although many smaller home walls, finger boards etc did.

Since then, he has built many walls.

All of them much more ambitious, although none for himself.

All this while, a small green Jerry Moffatt signature hold has sat awaiting a home.

Interface created a home for this hold, and holds for many homes.

Piers describes himself as an average climber having ‘peaked’ at 7b+ and E5, and had a lot of fun around the world.

Now he’s finally got a wall at home who knows, there could be a second peak?!

Piers Chapman portrait with his home climbing wall in the background